Consulting Services

Leveraging environmental sustainability to enhance community health is a fast-paced, emerging field. Our systems approach to green building, climate change, and public health projects brings unique value to our clients by focusing on evidence-based, measurable outcomes. As experts in all three sectors, we identify synergies and trade-offs that are obscured by sector-specific project delivery processes.

Our consulting services include:

  • Perform health impact assessments (HIAs) for green building, planning, and land use projects.
  • Identify public health priorities and associated economic benefits relevant to project goals.
  • Evaluate and provide recommendations on integrating public health priorities into corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability policies.
  • Integrate public health indicators and priorities into green building and climate change projects such as LEED certification, Architecture 2030 Challenge, American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, STAR Community Index, etc.
  • Integrate environmental sustainability and climate change into public health programs.
  • Integrate environmental health indicators into climate protection programs. These indicators can reflect both the larger scale climatic changes underway and smaller scale public health improvements associated with the implementation of climate protection policies: improvements in asthma rates, obesity rates, heat island effect, etc.
  • Evaluate and provide recommendations for prioritizing climate change mitigation strategies that improve public health.
  • Facilitate coordination among environmental sustainability, climate change, and public health initiatives.
  • Establish environmental and public health standards.
    • Develop health-based benchmarking and implementation tools to improve environmental sustainability practices.
    • Establish an environmental health overlay to existing environmental sustainability tools and tools under development.

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