The green building, climate change, and public health sectors are interconnected in many ways.

  • Climate Change
  • Efforts to reduce energy use may overlook the need to protect residents from the health effects of more frequent and severe heat events.
  • Outdated¬†Public Health codes may stand in the way of widespread adoption of new green technologies, such as on-site wastewater capture and reuse.
  • Green Building
  • Designers may not realize that their project could act as the lynch pin in transforming a food desert at high risk of flooding into a vibrant community garden that captures and reuses rainwater for irrigation.

Biositu, LLC practices at the intersection of these three sectors, bringing value to our clients through consulting services, training programs, and applied research projects that leverage environmental sustainability to enhance community health, so that:

  • Climate Change policies are designed to protect the people most vulnerable to its effects.
  • New environmental technologies benefit from Public Health research and practice from their initial concept.
    • Green Building projects use sustainability principles to build community resilience.


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