Green Building

Green building projects—including new construction, additions, renovations, operations and maintenance, and neighborhood developments—are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability through reducing the depletion of natural resources and enhancing biodiversity. Taking a proactive approach to integrating climate change and health priorities into the initial project design will enhance its long-term operational efficiency, durability, and real estate value.

Biositu, LLC assists clients take a climate- and health-based approach to green building projects through:

  • Applied research to quantify the project's likely contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing resilience to climate-related natural disasters, and advancing human health and quality of life;
  • Professional training on how to design green building projects to leverage the synergies and minimize the trade-offs between climate change, and public health; and,
  • Strategic consulting services that maximize the synergies between climate change, green building, and public health initiatives.

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