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Overview: Library of Strategies

Designing and operating facilities that enhance community resilience requires researching the specific health, economic, and environmental conditions of a project's surroundings. Specifically, projects should use the following questions to help guide the decisionmaking process:

  • How resilient is the surrounding infrastructure?

  • How resilient is the building structure?

  • How resilient are the building occupants?

  • How resilient is the surrounding community?

The "Strategy" series of blog postings is designed to compile a library of strategies to help green building design, construction, and operations professionals, as well as owners, developers, policymakers, regulators, and community planners prioritize strategies that maximize a project's long-term co-benefits to human health, economic health, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

In order to meet this objective, each strategy is tailored to the specific context of a hypothetical or case study building site. While the highlighted project may be hypothetical, the data used to develop the strategy recommendations is real. For additional information, visit the Reference section in each individual strategy.


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